Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

A website is a vital component of business success in the 21st century. More and more people, young and old, are turning to the web for their source for information.

There are two essential pieces to websites: design and functionality. The site for your company has to provide the information your customers need, and just as important, do it in an eye-pleasing manner.

In most small towns and cities, you will find two types of web designers: those who design great looking sites but their sites lack functionality and those whose sites function very well but don't look professional. xclntDesign is one of those companies that can provide both: a website that looks great and professional and provides the user with an experience they would repeat if they had to.

Web Development

We live in an electronic world. A number of the common practices businesses utilize every day can now be done online, with greater ease and fewer errors.

Would you like to migrate some of your business practices online? xclntDesign can build custom web applications to suit just about every need. Things like simple or complex forms, employee time management, and scheduling calendars no longer need to be on pieces of paper all over your office; they can all be at your fingertips online.

Responsive Web Design

Also, one needs to consider the emerging mobile device market. Can your website be easily found and navigated on a mobile device? If not, you are missing out on potential new customers and revenue! Not to worry, all website designs from xclntDesign include a responsive design. What is a responsive website? Responsive websites are websites designed to reorient and reorganize themselves to take advantage of the viewable area of the device the user is using. Your website will easily be seen and read when viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone — no pinching and zooming, no eye-straining, or accidentally hitting small buttons. Also, when viewed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the site is optimized to load faster, improving the visitors' experience and improving your standing with Search Engines, as they like to see fast-loading websites on those types of devices.

Exclusive Tools

There is so much more than an excellent design for launching a website that will help generate leads for your company. xclntDesign, utilizing data and information from many big names on the web, has created custom tools to make sure your website is the best it can possibly be.


We have created custom reports using data from Google, Facebook, and others, to show you exactly how your website is performing. Get feedback on metrics like Most Viewed Pages on your site, or how many new likes you received on Facebook, all in an easy-to-read weekly and monthly report.

Review Aggregator

xclntDesign can automatically pull your reviews from Google and Facebook for display on your website. Having unfiltered reviews from 3rd party sites adds validity to the reviews; these reviews are generally unsolicited and honest, making them more useful to potential customers.

PPC Click Fraud Monitor

One of the biggest concerns people have with pay-per-click advertising is that they think that people can just repeatedly click on their ad and cost them money. Google is excellent at stopping this practice and has systems in place to remedy any unnecessary charges. xclntDesign has created a system that is a little more strict than Google's and alerts us to potential abuse so we can take steps to make sure the offenders never see your ads again.

Accessibility Audits

You want to make sure that your website is accessible to the broadest range of potential customers possible. So you tell your designer to make sure people with PCs, people with Macs, people with iPhones, and people with Android phones can use your site.

But what about people with disabilities? Can they use your site?

xclntDesign periodically runs accessibility audits on all of our websites. These audits show us items on a webpage, which may cause trouble for a person with disabilities; things like unlabeled images, missing closed captions on videos, and reduced color contrast for the colorblind are just some of the issues we can detect and correct.

Website Performance Audits

Google has a fantastic tool that allows web developers to see how their websites perform when it comes to speed, accessibility, and web design standards. xclntDesign utilizes this tool to analyze every page of a website to see what we're doing right so we can duplicate it, and what we could be doing better so we can fix it now and for the future.

That's not all

We also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to all of our websites from the time of initial construction. We monitor traffic to the sites we design and continually suggest improvements that can be made to the site to help improve user experience and search engine rankings.

In addition to all of those services, xclntDesign also specializes in the Google Ads Internet Marketing Program, sometimes referred to as "Pay-Per-Click." xclntDesign combines this type of effective marketing, Search Engine Optimization and website design/development to make HIGHER QUALITY websites, which results in HIGHER VISIBILITY and HIGHER ROI. These qualities make us distinctly different from most internet-based companies as they usually specialize in just one of those fields; xclntDesign can offer our clients all three!

Let us show you how we can help grow your business!

Content Management & Upkeep

Content is king on the web. To get visitors to your site, and to keep them coming back, you need to provide them the information they can use and Search Engines like Google award extra ranking points towards those websites that update their websites frequently with creative, unique content. Blogs, news articles, updates on products and services…they all keep your website alive and active and visible! Sometimes that information changes so rapidly that you need to update your website on a weekly, or even daily, basis.

But do you have time to log in to a website, figure out how to use it and keep it fresh? Probably not, you’re too busy running your business! That is, once again, where you can experience the xclntDesign difference. The majority of the websites we construct are built to be regularly updated, and we encourage it! Our web development packages include time for us to make updates to your website every month, keeping your website active. Just email us what changes you need to make your site whenever you need it done, and it’s all taken care of and included! In these fast-moving times we live in, a “set it and forget it” website is doomed to slide further and further into internet obscurity. So put your business front and center above all your competitors and drive traffic, all with the help of xclntDesign!

Some of our most recent work.



GSI is a low-voltage company that specializes in security and data cabling.

Their existing logo spelled out the company name; they wanted to take focus off the security part of their name to promote their other services, so we just went with the initials in a new logo, showing off a connected globe.

Mid-Florida Agencies

Mid-Florida Agencies

Brand new website for a local health insurance agent's office. They have existing corporate branding, so we took that and expanded on it. Our concept was to create something that was both professional and inviting. We used fun graphics and the corporate colors throughout.

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Professional Waterfront Cleanup

Professional Waterfront Cleanup

Website redesign for a waterfront property cleanup company from Leesburg, Florida.

Professional Waterfront Cleanup has been a client of ours for a number of years, and every few years, we suggest a refresh of their website. This keeps the design modern, and the content can be changed to match the evolution of the company's business model.

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Gator Clean

Gator Clean

Launch of a redesigned responsive website for a carpet and tile cleaning company in Lake County, Florida.

Gator Clean had a story to tell, and chose use to tell it. The owner's daughter had become ill, and during a trip to the ER, he was asked "Did you recently have your carpets cleaned?" When he answered yes, he was told that the disease his daughter had developed could have been caused by the toxic chemicals used by some carpet cleaners. He vowed to not let that happen to anyone else, so he started Gator Clean, using non-toxic cleaning agents to keep people and pets safe.

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Got Watts Electric

Got Watts Electric

This was a complete redesign. Over the years, the client had added many different things to the original site, making it look disjointed. We took all of those things and simplified the design, while tying everything together to make the site look uniform and must easier for the user to read and navigate.

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