Social Media Management

Ever heard of Facebook? Of course, you have! Some estimates say 80% of all Americans have a Facebook profile. So it would stand to reason that your business should be there and active if it wants to engage with that 75%.

But running any social media campaign is daunting, I mean you have work to do right? When would you have time to sit down and craft creative posts to share or check up on who’s contacting you through social media? You probably don’t have the time. You’d like to for sure. You’ve heard the benefits of being active in social media and you’ve heard of the SEO benefits associated with a strong social media presence…and it’s all true! So don’t let this avenue for new traffic and customer engagement pass you by, get your social media presence in good shape with us!

We already handle your website, your internet marketing through Google Adwords, write creative blog content for your website, send email blasts…so social media is just a natural extension of all of that. Just one more way we help spread your name on the internet.

So sit back and concentrate on your business, we take care of everything for you. We build your social media profiles, create your content, publish your content, respond to comments, grow your customers and drive your sales. We manage your social media accounts in real-time so that we can monitor and remove unrelated posts and reply to customer comments in a timely fashion.

Here're just a few things we do for your Social Media presence:

  1. Work performed on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Yelp! & YouTube
  2. Manage the setup, scheduling & posting of those profiles
  3. Promote the blogs posted to your website through status updates, driving people to visit your website
  4. Create engagement with your page through exclusive offers
  5. Respond to customers inquires and comments and encourage dialog
  6. Educate, enlighten, entertain and inform your audience through helpful links, service promotion and useful information.

We will post a minimum of 10 to 15 relevant, on page posts per month. These can be in the form of Branded Holiday Posts, Specials, Quick Vid Promos, New Products, Upcoming Shows, Product Showcase or most commonly links to other online stories that relate to your business or industry.

We also include occasional posts in local Facebook Groups. Groups are well, groups. Usually centered around a location like “Anytown Word of Mouth”. We would go in periodically and make a post pertaining to your business. The frequency would vary as they all have their own individual rules governing posting and “spamming”. Also many people go into these groups looking for recommendations for local businesses or services. If we monitor them and see a request for a recommendation, we post.

So what are you waiting for? Take your social media presence to the next level today.  Contact xclntDesign today and start be social!


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