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Local SEO

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Local SEO

Does your website need a little extra boost to your search engine rankings locally? We have just the thing for you.

Our Local SEO is a monthly service for our website clients designed to enhance your presence in major search engines. And here's how it works:

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing utilize many different sources to compile data on local businesses to factor in their search rankings. They use your website, but they also use other data aggregator websites that contain information on your business as well. The primary aggregators of location and business data that send information to local search engines are Infogroup, Neustar Localeze, Acxiom, Factual, and Foursquare.

Local SEO helps you establish a consistent business listing in all of these databases, as well as other online directories and popular websites.

When someone performs an online search for a local business or service, search engines and mobile apps rely on this location and business data from these sources to provide accurate search results. If listing data is incorrect or inconsistent between all these data sources, your listing might not show up in the search results or be a negative ranking factor for your web listing. But with Local SEO we create correct and consistent listings, then get that information to all the major aggregators and maintain those databases for you to make sure they are always up-to-date.

If you took it upon yourself to manage your business listings on with all of these data aggregators, online directories and websites, it could take hours of your time and even cost money in some cases. With Local SEO we push the correct location information for all of your business listings to all of these data sources, allowing you to focus on what you do best, run your business!

Contact xclntDesign today and give your website and business a boost!

xclntDesign takes the time and hassles out of managing your listings across multiple sites and directories. With Local SEO, your business information must match an existing Google MyBusiness or Facebook listing across all of the following attributes: Business Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website. Because you've already gone through the phone or postcard verification process with Google MyBusiness and Facebook, your Local SEO listings will be validated if they exactly match Google or Facebook.

Some of the aggregators (such as Infogroup and Best of the Web) may call or email to confirm your listing information is accurate, but no postcard or PIN entry is required.

No one can publish listings that don't match your existing Facebook and Google MyBusiness listings. As long as your Google or Facebook listings contain the correct information, no incorrect information can be published through Local SEO. We regularly monitor our client accounts, and if a managed listing no longer matches information on Google or Facebook, we give alert you so that you can correct the information at those sources and stop the attempted hijacking.

In most cases, we will not override your listings. Localeze and Superpages will reject our efforts to publish your listings if you're already managing them on those platforms. You can still manage listings independently on those platforms, or remove those listings and we can manage them through Local SEO

Foursquare requires authorization to update, which we can handle through Local SEO! We'll also notify you of any ownership conflicts on the remaining sites in our network if we have trouble publishing your listing with them.

As part of Local SEO, we search for all "close match" listings for the location information on your business and correct/delete any that we find.

Local SEO will simply report to the sites in our network that the listing is no longer under management by one of our customers. In this event, Acxiom and Neustar Localeze will revert your listings to their status prior to your Local SEO subscription. In some cases, your other listings will lose enhanced content like website URL, secondary category information, logos, and other images.

Local SEO will not actively remove your listing from our network of sites. You will always have the ability to reclaim your listings manually on each site if you decide to cancel your Local SEO subscription.

You can create listings manually with other sites. While Local SEO won't create listings with any aggregator outside our list of partners, the majority of those out there pull data from our partners.

The time it takes our partners to update the listing depends on how long it takes them to accept the data we push to them and update the information across their servers. This process can take anywhere from one to eight weeks but is usually completed in around four weeks. Please keep in mind that listing updates can take even longer than eight weeks, these are just average times that we've been noticing for updates. If you're noticing an update delay of more than eight weeks for any of our partners with your purchased listing, please let us know so that we can reach out and investigate the issue with them directly.

Visit https://ww.google.com/business or https://ww.google.com/business to create or edit your listings on Google MyBusiness and Facebook. Be sure to submit the same Business Name, Address, Phone, and Website information to Google and Facebook that you submit to us. If your Local SEO listings don't match, we won't be able to publish them.

xclntDesign also offers Social Media Management services, and we can handle all of this for you. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Our partners are the lifeblood of Local SEO Regarding Google MyBusiness, we verify listings with them but don't push any changes. Facebook is a partner of ours, but we're currently working out some details there. Because of that, we won't be pushing listing updates to them. Here is a full list of the partners that are currently supported:

  • Infogroup
  • Acxiom
  • Neustar/Localeze
  • Factual
  • Foursquare
  • Superpages
  • Best of the Web
  • Yelp!
  • Bing Places
  • Yahoo!
  • Hot Frog
  • Acxiom

Anybody not mentioned above, you'll want to manage manually.

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