Internet Marketing Through Google AdWords

We hear frequently that our clients "want to be at the top of Google". They all ask us how to do that. Our response...go straight to Google!

Google's advertising program, known as Adwords, is the most effective way to increase your website and business visibility in this digital world. Our own Google Qualified Expert, Billy Nendza, will be your point of contact at xclntDesign in regards to your internet marketing presence.

Make sure your Internet Marketing Partners are trained by Google in their Best Practices! Click the below to check xclntDesign’s current “Google Partner” Status Certification!

When it comes to a website and it’s traffic, pushing people to the site is key. Spreading the word about your “.com” is one way…good SEO (which takes some time to get a foot hold) of course is another. But when it comes to the internet (much like an other form of advertising), it’s best approach the marketing from several different angles. For example, good SEO helps, but only helps if people are actively looking for you on search engines. What about catching people on the internet as they are doing other things? Take a look on the internet and you see all kinds of advertising…from search engines, to banner ads on targeted websites, to commercials on YouTube. All designed to catch people in various points in the purchasing process. So after an awesome website is launched, we highly recommend dedicating some of your advertising budget to an internet marketing campaign. Think about it…everywhere people go, they have those smartphones in their hands, staring at those screens. That’s where peoples eyes are…so that’s where your advertising should have a big presence and we can help.

We tell everyone that SEO and Social Media are obviously important to the success of your website, but the fast & easy way to get placement and visibility is to pay Google….that’ll get you seen. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND Google Adwords Advertising as it’s the biggest driver of website traffic that we see, by far. Adwords can be a cumbersome thing to grasp, but with don't have to worry, we take care of it all for you!

xclntDesign can handle your Google Adwords Internet Marketing. We craft the campaigns/ads/videos to plaster all over the internet and get your brand/name in front of your target audience at different points in the purchasing process. We then monitor and constantly expand those campaigns to make the biggest impact within your budget. With Adwords, some of the things we do are:

  1. Create text based ads in Google Search that are triggered when people search for specific queries within a specified area. Popularly known as "Pay-Per-Click”.
  2. Creation and placement of Display Banner Ads on multiple websites across the Google Content Network based on the users interests, the website’s primary topic/audience, or specific websites we choose. (think of this as targeted magazine advertising, just digital)
  3. Creation and placement of Display Banner Ads on any website across the Google Content Network to people who have previously visited your website, reinforcing your brand. (called remarketing)
  4. Creation and placement of videos on YouTube that play prior to videos related to specific topics or geared towards a specific type of person. 

Still a little confused?

Download our Google Adwords Ad Placement Example Guide. (PDF)

Google Adwords Ad Placement Example Guide


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