Every Door Direct Mail®

When you are looking to reach your ideal customer, in a particular neighborhood, area or zip code - Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a solution that will reach the customers that matter the most to you.

EDDM eliminates the cost and aggravation of purchasing expensive mailing lists by delivering to the areas you specify in a specific addressing format (i.e. "Local Postal Customer"). EDDM also eliminates the cost of direct mail marketing permits which can run your business as much as $450 - just to open the direct mail account.

With this type of mailing, a mail piece is created, and you would select specific carrier routes within a zip code to mail to…and simply put, everyone on that carrier route would receive your mail piece. This is perfect if you are a business and if the demographic makeup of a specific carrier route matches your preferred audience. When you decide to use EDDM, you are free to create your designs and layouts to suit your customer's taste. xclntDesign will work with you to brand your mailer and to create an attractive presentation.

All direct mail clients, including EDDM, which also have a website administered through xclntDesign will also be crafted with a unique landing page on their website that is designed solely to appeal to the audience the campaign was designed to target, giving the whole project a much more personal feel. We also create the page to funnel the visitors through a process that increases the likelihood of them taking a valuable action on your website, such as making a purchase or booking an appointment.

Also, all direct mail projects for xclntDesign web clients include a phone number and web tracking analytics. By utilizing a tracking phone number and tracking components on your website, we can see EXACTLY how many people responded to your EDDM campaign, regardless of whether they call from your mail piece first, or visit your website first. Either way, we will be able to log their visit giving you data to determine your return-on-investment (ROI) down to the penny. How's that for results!

The ease and convenience of EDDM provide you with a trackable way to get your message directly to the customers you want with the assurance that your materials will be delivered promptly.