Blog Writing

It is no secret that unique, creative content on your website is a BIG PART of the visibility of your website when it comes to indexing by major search engines. One of the best forms of crafting this type of content for your website is in the shape of an educational and informative blog. Blogs provide a wealth of information to those who are searching the web and help your website’s visibility immensely.

But writing a blog can be tough, especially if it’s not your thing. And crafting many blogs on an ongoing basis? Nearly impossible for most…far too busy! But xclntDesign has the answer! We can write them and then post them for you!

Utilizing educated, professional-class writers, xclntDesign can provide quality blog writing services for you! Each blog written is carefully reviewed to ensure quality and smoothness. We go over each blog post for proper grammar usage, perform a spell check and make sure the article is SEO ready.

When it comes to crafting scheduled blogs, you can provide us topics which we will have thoroughly research and written about, or we can come up with themes for you based on your industry, time of year, and geography, making sure your article pertains most to those who might become your customers. After the blogs are posted on your website, you can promote them through Social Media as well for added exposure.

Our average blog is researched thoroughly and averages 400 - 500 words in length, a perfect length to inform, but not overwhelm the reader but still give quality information to them and for search engines to index.

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