xclntDesign has Gone Green!

As some of you may or not be aware, xclntDesign relocated from Leesburg to Tavares earlier this year. There were a multitude of reasons why this move was made, but all were because our business continues to grow and the opportunity found in Tavares was the right choice for us.

One of the things we needed was SPACE. Not just for our growing staff, but because we needed to EXPAND the services we could offer in house. One of those services was studio photography and videography. It’s no secret that rich multimedia in the form of photos and to a much larger extent, videos, is becoming a huge player in our digital lives. It seems every other post on Social Media is a video of some sort. YouTube has become the world’s second largest search engine (right behind it’s own property Google Search).

So, we felt the need to make sure we could produce more videos in house! So we made sure our new office could support that with our own Audio/Video Studio! Here’s what our studio features:

  • Chromakey (Green Screen) - The ability to easily remove backgrounds from photos and videos, allowing us to place our subjects virtually anywhere.
  • Soundproofing - Our studio has plenty of sound deadening features that allow outside sounds to be kept to a minimum and only studio sound to be heard.
  • 4K Video - We shoot all our video in with 4K HD Video Cameras
  • Lighting - As you’d expect, subject lighting is important and we have it for both people and have product lights for product photography/videography.
  • Telepromter - If it’s good enough for the president, it’s good enough for us! No committing scripts to memory, just read off the telepromter…keeps your eyes on the camera.
  • Microphones - Studio mics are used to make sure we are picking up the clearest sounds possible.

All pretty standard stuff you’d come to expect from a studio…but without all those high costs! This studio allows us to quickly shoot web videos, webinars, commercials, voiceovers, video blogs (vlogs) as well as take still photography.

This studio is for the use of our clients, all designed to enhance their marketing without breaking their wallets!

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