Why pay ongoing for website development and SEO services?

We were recently contacted regarding the creation of a website for a small business. The owner wanted to know how much it would be to create a website and gave us a complete outline of what he was looking for. In the end though, he was a little confused when I told him that we charge a small deposit and then ongoing payments per month for web development…and it’s like that for the majority of our websites. He was unsure. He really just wanted to pay and get the site up….he didn’t quite understand why we couldn’t accommodate him.

So I asked him, “If we built you a website and gave it to you…what would you do with it? Would you update it?”. His response was “Well from time to time, but isn’t any website better than no website?” Perhaps at one time, but that is old thinking and if there’s one thing technology does is constantly change…that is why we do ongoing monthly payments with constant web monitoring.

xclntDesign, for low easily manageable monthly payments, will build and manage your website and it’s content on an ongoing basis, keeping up with all the changes in technology and Search Engine Marketing, and believe me, there’s a lot going on. Did you know Google makes tweaks to how it’s search algorithm constantly? How are you supposed to manage your business and keep up with what Google is doing? You can’t…but xclntDesign can!

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