Why isn't anyone coming to my website?

So why isn’t anyone visiting your website? And if they are, why do they seem to not look around much? Interesting question and it leads to two possible answers, it’s either the people searching and visiting don’t care or they don’t like you. In all honesty, it’s probably both! It’s pretty deflating to look at your web traffic reports and see 5 visits and you know 3 of them were you looking at your own website. But we’re here to help! Here’s 5 reasons why no one cares about your website:

1. You love keywords.

I hear this more than anything when we set up campaigns and write content for websites. “Make sure you use these keywords” and “What keywords are we targeting?” Business owners love keywords, after all it’s an internet ‘buzzword’.

You know who doesn’t care about keywords? Your potential customers.

You know what they like? They like human speak and information that looks like it was written by an actual human being.

So building websites around keywords might result in some traffic, but what happens when that traffic comes to a page with this “keyword speak”? They will leave. Always write your content for your customers, not for search engine crawlers.

2. You are not blogging (enough).

So how often do you blog? Once a year? Once a month? Do you know what we recommend? A minimum of once a week, but preferably more. Blogs not only give you “authority” to visitors to your website (show you are an expert in your field), they are an easy way to increase your indexable web pages on your site…and more to index means more potential for someone to find there way to you. So if you aren’t blogging or are not doing it enough, start.

3. You don’t appear legit.

Customers are a discriminating bunch. When they land on your website they’re going to poke around and see if they can really trust you. They’re going to check your copyright date in the footer to see if it lists the current year. They’re going to look for signs to see when you last updated your content. They’re going to check your company blog to see how often it’s updated. They’re going to look for signs that you’ve created an alive, dynamic website, instead of one lying around in stagnant water.

Take a look around your website. Would you hang out with you? If the answer is no, get to work!

4. You have no social presence.

So too busy to Facebook? No time to tweet? I understand. But your customers don’t. They have time for all that, that’s where they hang out! There’s a reason why it costs a million dollars for a Super Bowl commercial…that’s where the eyes are! And the same goes with Social Media. People spend A LOT OF TIME there. So why not go there and let them know you’re there too?

5. Your website was built by your cousin (or even yourself).

Ah yes, what better way to save some cash than have your cousin, the self proclaimed web designer (he actually works at the mall), create your website. After all, he spends hours playing those video games, certainly he’d know how to make an awesome website right? And he was willing to do it for hardly any money! What a deal!

Actually it’s a great way to sabotage your own business. Your web presence is so crucial to the growth and development of your business. It’s where people first are introduced to your company. Remember that old deodorant commercial, “There’s no second chance to make a first impression.”…that is so true! You have one chance, don’t waste it because you wanted to save a few bucks on the building of your website…as it will COST YOU MUCH MORE in the long run.

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