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Who Designs and Builds Your Websites?

This is a very important question for you to remember. If you are contemplating setting up a business website or are looking to redo your current one, make sure this is the first question you ask your prospective marketing or advertising agency. And if they cannot introduce you to their web designer (or design staff) right in their office, you should run.

Most agencies simply are middle men, nothing more. They farm out their web design work to freelancers or other web design companies (while marking up the price for their "expertise"). They're polished salesman. They talk a good game. But do they really know anything about how websites work, how SEO works, how online user habits work...or do they work directly with people who know about web design and development? If not, think twice!

And even worse: What happens if there is something wrong with your site? Are you talking to someone who has no idea what's wrong or how to fix it, who will only pass the information on to someone who doesn't consider your site a priority, or do you want to talk to the person who built your site and can correct the problem quickly to properly serve your customers?

In today's world, your business web presence is absolutely key in any marketing strategy. Newspapers, flyers, billboards, radio, TV...they all take a back seat to YOUR WEBSITE. That's where people go. That's where people are making buying decisions. That's where they learn the real story about who you are and what you do. So are you going to entrust the most important marketing aspect of your business to a company that doesn't have web designers working directly for them? Are you going to have a marketing agency build your website...and they didn't even build their own?

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Kristin Churchill Massage Therapy

Logo design for a Massage Therapist located in Eustis, FL. The logo design for Kristin Churchill Massage Therapy needed to convey a softness as well as represent a little of Kristin's personality.

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Clear View Optix

Responsive web design for an optician in The Villages, FL.

Since the retail store sells boutique designer frames, they were looking for a site to match. Because the customer base for this company is older, the site couldn't be "too hip" with flashy animations and loud colors; so the design was made...

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Triple Phase Electric Leave Behind Card

This is a leave behind card created for a residential and commercial electrical contractor from Long Island, NY. After he completes a job, he leaves this card with a customer, which features discounts on future work as a way to say thank you.

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BrightLine Custom Blinds

A custom window treatment company was looking for an alternative to the vendor-supplied website they had. We took their existing branding and expanded on it, creating an inviting and informative new website.

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Battery Power

Responsive web site design for a retail outlet in Leesburg, Florida.

After several different websites, Battery Power was looking for a fresh start, and a larger presence in the local market. Since they do not sell online, their top goal is to get customers into the store, and that's what we aimed for...

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Clear View Optix

A logo design for an optician based in The Villages, Florida. The client requested a logo that conveys they offer the latest trends in eyewear.

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