Web Design. How is xclntDesign different?

Many times when discussing web design with potential new clients, we are asked “What separates us, from other designers?”. Many times the potential client will point out to us price difference between quotes for website design with one person or company and then ask why our price is what it is, as many times we are more expensive then the others (though we aren’t the most expensive by any means). And we are most certainly more expensive than the online, do-it-yourself web building companies. Answering this question is difficult sometimes, but it really boils down to that old saying…”you get what you pay for”.

Sure, there are lots of “web designers” who say I can build you an entire website for $500. But stop and think, what are you getting for that $500? Surely there’s must be reason for the price discrepancies between us and them. Here’s a few reasons why xclntDesign is different from many other web designers:

  • We are not just code monkeys. We are actually marketers! We do more than just web design. We do just about every type of advertising there is, so our websites combine form and function well.
  • We do not use templates. A lot of web designers make their job easy by purchasing an inexpensive, ready made template online, jazz it up with your company branding and content and spit out a website. Not very original. And what happens when you want to make a change to the website that doesn’t “fit into their template”? Many times they don’t have the knowledge on how to fix it and make it work. xclntDesign custom codes all of our websites. Our sites start from a blank page and are built up using the functionality you want, and we’re the ones that program it. We don’t outsource. We don’t use someone else’s work and call it our own.
  • We do the SEO. Many companies build websites. Many companies specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help your web site drive traffic. So why not cut out a step and have your web site built, SEO ready from the start? Why pay someone else to correct the work of the original designer? xclntDesign builds all of our web sites keeping in mind that people need to find these sites. So we do all the SEO from the start and we continue doing SEO as things change down the line.
  • We host our web sites. xclntDesign hosts all the web sites we build so we have complete control over how the websites are connected to the internet. Is your web server adequate for your website? Is it fast enough? If somethings wrong, who do you call? Since we handle it all on our own servers, we handle it! We make it work. All of our web sites are optimized to work best on our web servers making sure your web site is functioning at all times at peak efficiency.
  • We are Google Partners. As certified Google Partners, we are continually learning about the world’s largest search engine, and we are being taught by Google themselves! To keep our certification current, we must take regular exams and maintain certain quality thresholds or we lose that certification. Are you working with a Google Partner? Try searching in Google’s Partner Tool by CLICKING HERE to find out.
  • We write your content. So your web site is being built, but who’s responsible for the pages and pages of information describing what you do, what you sell and how you can help the customer? Many designers leave that up to you…and not everyone is skilled at writing. xclntDesign employs a staff of professional writers who craft original, creative content which makes your website engaging and informative, increasing the likelihood that someone will do business with you. Not to mention the huge SEO boost this content will have for your web site. Would you rather do business with someone who explains aspects of your business thoroughly or someone who just has a big headline that says “We do good work. Call us.”?
  • This is our business. Web design is one of those services where there are more freelancers and people who build web sites on the side then there are legitimate web design companies. So what happens when the day comes that you want to make a change or do something different and your web designer doesn’t have time or even worse, can’t be found? Think it can’t happen? It does. All the time. xclntDesign isn’t going anywhere. Our business is strong and our clients are clients for years. We are a company you can depend on.

These are just a few things that separate us from a lot of other designers. So before you begin work on your next web development project, make sure you do your homework and choose a company who has a proven track record and the skills to handle your business’ web presence and reputation.

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