We Do Print

We're often asked by visitors to our office where our printing presses are. While it is true, we do handle the printing process for many of the designs and marketing pieces we do for our clients, but we aren't printers. Well sort of. In the way distant past, both of the owners at xclntDesign, had worked in print shops before. We've held positions such as graphic designer, pre-press technician, art director and even being a pressman ourselves. So we are no stranger to printing presses…but we do not produce any print materials here at our office. We are now designers, but designers with a full knowledge of the printing process…from beginning to end.

So, what I am saying is we are a middle man looking to get a cut of the action? Right? No. While it is true we do profit off of printing projects; we hardly do it so we can get rich. We are designers and digital marketers primarily, printing services is something we do much less. It wasn't always like that, but as digital means of marketing have gotten so large, the volume of print work we do has dropped considerably. But that's not to say print is dead. Hardly! It's still a critical component of any marketing plan.

Ok, so we aren't printers. So why do we still handle printing for our clients? Many reasons, but here are a few of the biggies:

1. High Quality - Our clients spend good money for us to design marketing pieces that illicit emotion and reaction in the people viewing them. So why put all that time, effort and money into a design, then proceed to have it printed with a printer who uses low-grade papers, inks and does a questionable job of printing to save a few bucks? xclntDesign ONLY partners with print vendors who have proven that they operate with the only the highest print quality standards.

Also, since we are all experienced in the entire printing process, we KNOW how to design to get the best outcome. How often have you seen something on a computer screen and then see it printed and notice it didn't quite translate well? We handle that for you, so no worries.

2. Affordable Pricing - This might seem odd. How could paying someone to print something, who doesn't print stuff, be affordable? First, we have no overhead. No presses. No pressman. No paper. Our profit margin doesn't need to be high because our print expenses are low. But wouldn't it still be cheaper to print yourself somewhere else? Perhaps. We are not the lowest cost in all cases, but in a large majority, particularly in high volume print runs, we can meet or beat other print vendor pricing. How? Simple…all of our vendors are either trade-only vendors or give us a steep wholesale discount that allows us to be competitive.

3. Convenience - Everyone’s schedule is so busy, why not let us take a little pressure off and handle it for you! No need to take our design to a print shop and then go back and pick it up…we can do it all. You can approve your design through email and pick up your job at our office. Or, we offer FREE nationwide shipping, so you don’t even have to get up off the couch if you don’t want to. Well maybe you do, to answer the door for UPS.

4. Fast Turnaround & Delivery - With our print partners, we have printing locations all over North America…meaning transit times for shipping are always one business day. That's fast! In fact, most jobs can be in hand in 5 business days, and many even quicker than that.

5. Options - Business cards. Flyers. Postcards. Posters. Banners. Signs. Promotional Products. And that’s just the start! With hundreds of products available on dozens of different substrates and with many different printing techniques, if there’s something you need printed, we know where to get it done…with the best quality, fastest service and best price.

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