Tracking & Analysis: Find Out Your ROI!

When it comes to advertising campaigns you use for your business, do you know which ones are working? I mean can you tell with actual hard proof to make up your conclusion?

With xclntDesign, you can! We have been tracking online ad campaigns for some time and providing reports to our clients so they can see how their online advertising dollars are spent, what is getting the best response, and what the return-on-investment (ROI) in dollars is in reality. And now we can do that with offline campaigns like direct mail campaigns, yellow page advertising, newspaper ads, and billboards!

It's a pretty simple process, all we do is make sure you use one of xclntDesign tracking phone numbers (a phone number unique to this campaign) and a tracking URL (or unique domain name for the campaign) that sends people to your website, but upon arrival, changes the phone number for that user to the tracking phone number throughout the site…assuring that if they do call your business, that the call is properly logged and attributed to a specific campaign.

Our system of reporting is a custom system we developed that taps into your website data as well as data coming from our call tracking service which details where calls are coming from, their date/time received and the length of the call. This data is extremely valuable as you can match up your customer records with it and determine the actual, real dollar revenue of leads from a specific ad campaign. This information can determine if the campaign made money or lost money and what the acquisition cost was for the average customer from the campaign.


Direct Mail Project

Please Note: Certain information in the below screenshot is blurred out for the privacy of our clients and their contacts.

Below are a few pages of the reports that show the results of a direct mail campaign for a client of ours. This client mailed out a 1000 piece, single direct mail project in late September 2016. These reports show the results of that direct mail project that utilized a phone tracking number and a tracking URL. Here's a summary of what is contained in this report:

  • 29 web sessions were recorded using the tracking URL…so 29 times someone saw this tracking URL on the mail piece and visited the website.
  • The average visitor looked at 1 page. That is a fine number for this campaign as the web tracking URL led to a VERY SPECIFIC web page geared towards the audience that received the mailer. All the information the receiver would have been interested in was on the page the tracking URL led them to.
  • The average visitor spent 30 seconds on the website, with several visitors spending more than 5 minutes on the site.
  • Two people who received the direct mail piece filled out the contact form on their website for more information.
  • There was a total of 24 phone calls logged into the call tracking system. The only place this phone number was public was this mail piece or on the website via the tracking URL, so any calls that come into that number came from the direct mail piece itself initially.
  • The “engagement” of this mail piece continued until 12/22/16, almost 60 days after the mail piece was mailed, so not everyone took action as soon as they received it.

From the data we received, we were able to calculate two important metrics, Engagement Rate and Conversion Rate. These two metrics are only able to be calculated if we know how many people received the marketing piece. These cannot be calculated accurately for advertising mediums like Billboards and Newspapers without up to date circulation or “number of eyes” stats.

The Engagement Rate of this campaign is the percentage of the recipients that either called or visited the website in response to the marketing piece. In this case, 5.25%…a very respectable percentage.

The Conversion Rate of this campaign is the percentage of the recipients that either called or filled out a web form in an attempt to contact our client for more information (a lead). This percentage was 2.58%. Once again, very well above average for a direct mail campaign.

By knowing the total cost of this project, and reviewing the sales that could be attributed to this campaign, our client can figure out their ROI and hard proof of the results of this campaign and can compare it to other campaigns they do to see where their advertising dollars are best spent.

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