Together We Can Make A Difference

Every so often we get approached at xclntDesign with a project that really makes us stop and think, and recently we were tasked with something that made us do a lot of stopping...and a lot of thinking. We were asked to design a website to help educate and inform about the dangers of bullying through the story of Rebecca Ann Sedwick a 12 year old girl from our home state of Florida who took her own life after being the victim of bullying. The website draws attention to helping pass Rebecca’s Law, a proposed law making aggravating bullying a crime and to raise awareness of bullying and develop programs designed to help children raise their self esteem.

The story was headline news here in Central Florida and continues to be talked about to this day. As a result, more and more steps are being taken to combat bullying in our schools, online and in our communities. Please take the time to visit Rebecca's Stand Against Bullying and see how you can get involved today!

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