SEO - Content Do's and Don'ts

DO have well written content for people, not search engines. The point of any website is to appeal to the humans reading it, not the search engines crawling it. Search engines realize this, and reward pages with well written content for people.

DON'T "stuff" your content with keywords. If you are trying to appeal to your local market, don't make every 5th word the name of your city or town. It doesn't help your search ranking because the engines have caught onto this practice, and more importantly, its confusing the humans reading it.

DO make sure to do your homework on your keywords. No one person can know how everyone thinks, or what words they would type into a search engine to find your goods or services. So monitor your traffic, find what keywords are being used to find your site, and adjust accordingly.

DON'T try to outsmart the search engines. White text on a white background to hide text from visitors but give search engines more to search doesn't work; in fact, it has been proven this harms your site. Multiple pages on your site with the exact same content, just changing the city name, has the same effect.

DO make your sure meta tag title and description are proper and accurate as to what the user will find on the page. In the title, start with the good/services first, then service area if applicable, then your company name.

DON'T bother with the keywords meta tag. Search engines realized a long time ago (in web terms, anyways) that webmasters put keywords in the keywords meta tag that had nothing to do with the site.

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