New Homeowners: Reach Great Customers

Everyday, new people are moving into the area. Many of those are from far out of the area that living here is a new and unfamiliar experience. This market is an excellent prospect for companies selling virtually any product or service. It’s important to build a relationship with these people… before your competition does!

Consumers moving into a new area are highly receptive and ready to spend money on your products or services. More than 4 million Americans buy homes each year, and most have no affiliation or relationship built with merchants and services in their new neighborhood. They also tend to be stable, they have better than average income, they are creditworthy, and they are ready and eager to buy your products and services! Studies have shown that the best time to reach out to these potential customers is immediately after they buy their homes. When new homeowners buy a new home, and the two years following that event, they tend to spend an average of 10 times more money than an established homeowner. This is what makes direct marketing to them such an effective technique.

These new homeowners are outstanding prospects for a variety of goods and services, including but not limited to:

• Restaurants and Dining

• Product Catalogs

• Credit Cards and Banks

• Retail Stores

• Home Improvement Goods and Services

• Appliances

• Household Furnishings and Cleaning

• Pet Products and Veterinary Services

• Landscaping and Maintenance Services

So if you’re looking to reach a whole new market for your business, try targeting new homeowners…they are waiting to here from you!

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