Laurel Nendza Wins First Place in

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence might not have found anything...yet...but that doesn't stop people from imagining! And the Kepler Program has brought us proof of the existence of hundreds of exo-planets, some potentially that could support an atmosphere and environment we humans might call "habitable".

Our friends over at recently held a contest for artists to show us what some of these worlds might look like...and we are proud to announce that Laurel Nendza (wife of xclntDesign owner Billy Nendza) won FIRST PLACE in the "Non-Professional Artist" category. Under Billy's direction, Laurel was able to create her vision of an exo-planet that may very well exist, using the magic of Photoshop! Congrats!

To see all the winners, please visit:

And here's the Winning Creation:

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