Lake Montessori - Giving Your Child An Educational Advantage

School is in session! And when it comes to our children's education, we always want the best for them. And the residents of Lake County are super lucky, as right here in Leesburg, we have our own Montessori school...Lake Montessori!

You may be asking yourself..."so what?" If you aren't familiar with Lake Montessori or a Montessori education in general, I encourage you to visit their website, or perhaps even stop by the school and get a tour and experience the Montessori difference! The Montessori philosophy of teaching is founded upon a recognition that children have an innate desire to learn. Montessori designed integrated materials that direct a child’s learning in a form as close to natural learning as possible. Montessori materials allow children to experience each concept in a concrete manner and to work gradually to abstract understanding. So your children will learn at the pace and method that is best for them as an individual.

So check them out! If you have preschool or elementary aged children, you will definitely not be disappointed!

Lake Montessori

Get Ahead With A Lake Montessori Education

Phone: (352) 787-5333


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