Kristin Churchill - Massage Therapist & Magician.

Here at xclntDesign we know the work week can be stressful and wreak havoc on our bodies. We found the ultimate cure and de-stresser by getting a massage from  Kristin Churchill, Massage Therapist. She really knows her stuff and how to give the right massage for your body and make you feel new again.

With extensive knowledge on human anatomy, she applies science behind every touch to maximize the healing effects on the body. Witnesses claim to see her clients floating right out of the building after just one session. Yep, she really does an amazing job! One awesome convenience is her cozy little office right in Eustis near Lake Tech on Kurt Street. We highly recommend you you make an appointment for an incredible massage today!

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kristin Churchill Massage Therapy

2575 Kurt St, Suite 103 • Eustis, FL 32726

Phone: (352) 396-4877


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