Introducing...Dynamic Phone Number Tracking!

It's been around in some form or another for sometime, assigning a specific phone number to an ad campaign to help track its results. We here at xclntDesign have taken that concept a step further with Dynamic Phone Number Tracking for your website!

So how does it work? Well, obviously your phone number should be prominent on your website, preferably on ever single page of your website. But how can you track where your online business comes from? A lot of times, if you ask your clients/callers, they will tell you I found you online. What exactly does that mean? Facebook? Angie's List? Yelp? Google Search? Google Adwords? Hard to tell sometimes. But now you don't have to! With a website from xclntDesign we can install our dynamic phone number tracking, which simply changes the phone number found throughout your site with a "forwarding" number which routes calls to your main phone line. The phone number changes to a specific number based on where the visitor came from...referral from Facebook? Well those visitors see one number...visitor from Google Adwords? They see a totally different one! So now you can actually see the calls that are the result of different referral sources. Wouldn't you like to know which ad campaigns online are resulting in the most calls?

But how about this scenario...what if someone visits your website from your Google Adwords campaign but doesn't call right away? Maybe they sit it on for a few days or weeks, decide to follow up with you and go directly to your website (not through Google) and call. You might attribute that call to a direct lead instead of from Adwords because coming directly they would see your main line number...but alas, we've got you covered! Our web code dealing with the numbers remembers if a user comes from Adwords (or any source) originally and continues to show them that number regardless of how they return to your site, giving you accurate data details to analyze.

That's not all! We also have the ability to record all incoming calls via these tracking numbers so you can take a listen to your own sales pitch of you or your staff, see how long the customer may have been on hold, or figure out why or why not an appointment was booked or lost. Very valuable insights to say the least!

So when you get ready to have xclntDesign handle your web presence, be sure to ask about Dynamic Phone Number Replacement!

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