Google Beginning to Use Page Speed as a Ranking Factor

At least no one can say they weren’t warned! Google has officially announced that beginning in July of 2018, how fast your web pages load will become a ranking factor for those pages on mobile searches.

So what does this mean for your website? In a nutshell, Google wants you to make sure all web pages load as fast as they can on mobile devices to give the best user experience it can. For those pages that would low slower and provide a possible poor user experience, they will rank lower in mobile searches. So if you depend on mobile organic traffic to your website, make sure your pages are running as fast as they can so you won't lose your current mobile search results positioning.

If you're already a client of xclntDesign, no worries. We actively monitor all pages and all websites we manage for a variety of technical reasons already, and mobile page speed is something we also look at and are continually trying to improve on every page, of every website we manage. 

If you or another party manages your website, here are a few resources that can be used to assist you in evaluating a page’s performance:

PageSpeed Insights

Chrome User Experience Report


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