Google Adds an Ad!

Google has rolled out a new feature for search results on mobile devices that effects some search queries.

Previously, when any search was conducted on a mobile device that triggered a paid ad through Google Adwords, users would see 2 paid ads and one organic on the screen without having to scroll. Now, for certain search terms performed on mobile devices, users will see 3 paid ads and no organic ads on the first screen without scrolling.

So what does this mean? It means that Google has slipped another ad into their results, thus pushing the free listing down a peg. So if you aren’t utilizing Adwords and focused on trying to dominate organic results through SEO, you have been automatically lowered 1 position in the ranking. So while organic and SEO is still important, it’s becoming more apparent that paid advertising is becoming much more important.

Studies have show that position and click thru rate of listings in search engines go hand-in-hand. So position 1 tends to get the most, position 2 will get slightly less, position 3 less, 4 less that 3, etc. So if that keeps up, your organic listing would see less clicks, even though you might still be #1 in the organic listing. This correlation between position and click is even more pronounced on mobile devices as users on mobile have show to be of “more in a hurry” and will click fewer results as they have the tendency to be more in a “get it done/find it out” mode on a mobile device.

There’s been a huge explosion in searches done on mobile devices…so it’s important to stay on top of your mobile presence, and this Google change is just another indication of that. So if you are on of the businesses that have put off getting into Google Adwords because you felt your organic rankings were good enough…perhaps it’s time to rethink that. Wouldn’t you rather be #1 in organic….and perhaps #1 in Adwords? If you were listed twice (or more) on page 1…wouldn’t that be awesome and result in more clicks, traffic and revenue? Sure would. So what are you waiting for…call us!

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