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C&M Dredging is based out of beautiful sunny central Florida. Florida's wetlands are close to our hearts, that's why C&M Dredging dedicates themselves to keeping them clean, healthy and beautiful for all life. C&M Dredging specializes in hydraulic dredging and dewatering services for a wide variety of water ways. Whether it is residential, industrial or municipal, each job gets their full, undivided attention. C&M Dredging efficiently provide navigable waterway maintenance with little impact to the delicate aquatic ecosystem.

Without proper dredging, any body of water can become an unsightly dangerous place. Layers of decaying plant life, organic debris and trash builds up on the bottom creating impassible conditions. This muck essentially begins to choke the ecosystem and creates a toxic polluted area. These then become the perfect hiding place and breeding grounds for unwanted creatures. Dredging brings it back to life, creates easy access for boats, and restores the water's natural environment.

Boating and fishing is a favorite pastime of many residents and tourists alike. Many natives grow up by and spend most of their time on the water. C&M Dredging prides themselves on maintaining beautiful lakes, rivers, and canals throughout the Southeast. Keeping the waterways clear and pollution free is our main priority as well as protecting the natural habitat of the wildlife.

With decades of experience, their dedicated team can tackle just about any job, big or small. So if you are looking to clear your water ways and restore them to their natural beauty contact C&M Dredging today.


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