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Personal style means a lot. We should know. And so do the people at Clear View Optix in The Villages® community.

As wearers of eyewear for many years, we understand the importance of glasses that help you see, most importantly obviously, but also look good on you. When you walk into one of those giant eyewear stores, with hundreds of frames on the walls, it can be almost like sensory overload. “Which frames do I choose? Will these look good on me? Will I be able to see correctly with these?”

Clear View Optix simplifies the process. While they do have a sizable collection of frames to choose from, the number isn't overwhelming. Moreover, the frames you will find at Clear View Optix are not frames you are likely to find at other outlets; rather they are specially chosen to enhance not only the vision of the wearer but the look as well.

If you are in the market for eyewear and are looking for something different and exciting, then check out Clear View Optix in The Villages® community. Tell them xclntDesign sent you.

xclntDesign is proud to announce the launch of the Clear View Optix website. Check it out here!

Clear View Optix
8481 SE 165th Mulberry Lane, The Villages, FL 32162
(352) 259-6789

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