Bring in the Breeze with Michele's Hide-Away Screens

It’s no big secret about Florida, we have awesome weather. Flip flops at Christmas…unheard of in most parts of the country, but not here. And with the help of one of our longest tenured clients (almost 8 years), as a Florida resident, you can enjoy the Florida weather a bit more…by bringing it inside! Uncommon up north, but popular here in Florida we bring you retractable screens!

You see them on front doors as manually retractable. You see them on garages or on lanais as remote controlled rollup screens. Or you may see them on garages as 4 paneled sliders. However you see them, they have one goal in mind, bringing in that fresh Florida breeze inside your home! No one wants to live in a bottled up house. Stuffy. Stale. Bleh! But with a screen system from Michele’s Hide-Away Screens you can enjoy more of Florida…and even same some coin on your utility bill!

There’s a few options when it comes to these screen systems…so why choose Michele’s Hide-Away Screens? Simple…they are the best! Having known the owners for our entire business relationship, I can tell you they are simply good people. Professionally…they stand by their work and product! How do I know that? Because while they are a client of xclntDesign…I am a client of theirs. And so are members of my family who live here in Central Florida as well.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your home, I encourage you to check out Michele’s Hide-Away Screens. It’s retractable. It’s affordable. It’s incredible!

Michele’s Hide-Away Screens

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