Bing Updates Guidelines on

While most people use the word "Google" as a verb....there are other Search Engine's out there and the next biggest one would be Microsoft's Bing. The world's second most used search engine recently updated their Webmaster Guidelines/Best Practices and Bing minced no words when they said the following:

When creating content, make sure to create your content for real users and readers, not to entice search engines to rank your content better. Stuffing your content with specific keywords with the sole intent of artificially inflating the probability of ranking for specific search terms is in violation of our guidelines and can lead to demotion or even the delisting of your website from our search results.

Bing is making it quite clear that anyone attempting to use the old hat SEO trick of "Keyword Stuffing" is going to be penalized by having their web site either demoted or delisting from Bing's search results. Definitely not what you want to happen to your web site.

Fred mentioned "keyword stuffing" in his recent blog post "SEO - CONTENT DO'S AND DON'TS" and for good reason, it's a big deal! So if you want to make sure your website content and structure is up to snuff with the major search engines best practices, please feel free to contact xclntDesign for a free web consultation.

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