April 21st is Coming! Are you ready?

On April 21st, Google will be introducing a new algorithm update. This new algorithm uses mobile friendliness as a ranking signal, meaning if your website isn’t mobile friendly your search rankings WILL DECREASE dramatically in mobile based searches. You are either completely mobile friendly or not. There will be no gray line with this new Google algorithm.

Is your website mobile-friendly? Check out Google’s Mobile Friendly Search Tool to see if your site is (or isn't). Click Here to go to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tester.

When someone searches for an item on their mobile phone after April 21st, Google will only bring up sites that “are easy to read, make navigations and links easy to tap, have images appropriately sized for the device, and more generally, make information easy to find”. 

If you have been procrastinating jumping on the mobile friendly bandwagon, now is the time to stop! The real question is why wouldn’t you have a mobile friendly website? It’s a no-brainer. Over 60 percent of Google searches are done on a mobile device...why would you want to miss that audience?! By going mobile friendly, you will gain and retain a higher percentage of customers and rank higher with Google. If you do not upgrade your website to a mobile-friendly site, YOU WILL LOSE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.

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