About The xclntDesign Team


Owner, Print Design Lead | Google Ads Qualified Individual

Many years of experience... but yet still so young. Billy has crafted his unique style of design and creation of successful marketing techniques in advertising over the years. Having been trained by his brother, Billy started work in the graphic design field when he began working for a newspaper in 2003. Since then Billy branched out and took his knowledge of design and the printing process into the direct mail marketing field. There he learned to craft entire marketing promotions from scratch and execute them into a successful campaign using organization, research, and eye-catching advertising. From there he expanded to create promotional materials for his direct marketing clients to use in other advertising mediums. He too started freelancing under the xclntDesign name in 2006 and is a cornerstone of what the company is today.

Billy also is the staff expert on Internet Marketing, having earned the company it’s coveted “Google Partner” status in 2012. This designation certifies that xclntDesign and it’s staff adheres to the best practices set forth by Google and that we are experts when it comes to Google and it’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising Program. Take advantage of his knowledge and get your business seen and contact Billy today!


Owner, Web Design Lead

Fred, the older of the brothers, got his first job in the graphic design field in 1994, typesetting for a promotional products company. Since then, he's worked for two commercial printers, a direct mail house and one of the fastest growing newspapers in the United States, designing brochures, flyers, logos and more for many happy customers, and winning several awards from the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors for his infographics.

But most recently, he's been able to do what has been his real passion: programming. He got his first computer (and wrote his first program in BASIC) in 1983. As a youth, he created scripts for the Paradox relational database program and Lotus spreadsheet program, as well as several BASIC programs on his Commodore 64. Now, he gets to put this knowledge and passion into developing some of the best websites in Lake, Sumter and Marion counties. His rare ability to switch between left brain and right brain, designing and developing his websites, makes him a unique entity and keeps xclntDesign at the forefront of the web design field.

His main project now is the custom content management system he has created for his clients. He takes pride in having created this system, which balances beautiful design with highly optimized programming, making the websites he creates like a great sports car, runs fast and looks good.


Social Media Manager

Laurel has taken on the role of social media manager at xclntDesign. She manages the social media accounts of various clients and writes blogs and content for their web pages. She makes sure each company has fresh content daily to keep their business in the eyes of their customers. Laurel maintains an active online presence by researching and seeking out people in the specific demographics and interest of each client. Working closely with Billy, she is learning the ins-and-outs of SEO benefits and strategic online marketing.


Slobberer of Glass Windows & Doors

Q is a light blonde Golden Retriever born on August 27, 2013. Billy, Laurel and their two daughters got him when he was just a tiny 7lbs puff ball. They found out his parents were rescued from a puppy mill in horrible conditions. When they heard this news, they knew they had to help find them loving homes just like Q has. After six months his mom and dad were given to a local Golden Retriever rescue where they quickly found fabulous homes.

Q is our furry, fun-loving resident mascot here at xclntDesign. He was named after the omnipotent being everyone loves to hate on Star Trek. His job is to lift the spirits of everyone in the office as well as clients that come in. Not only that but if you walk by at just the right time of day when the Sun is shining through the front door at just the right angle, you may catch a glimpse of his shimmering, transparent artwork. Yes, his medium is slobber, and he loves to put his nose on the door as he watches people walk by.